Accurate Document Interaction With Particlesy’s Semantic Hybrid Search

Introducing Semantic Hybrid Search

Particlesy’s standout feature is its Semantic Hybrid Search. This cutting-edge technology leverages the latest advancements in retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications, a method extensively supported and enhanced by Azure Cognitive Search.

How Does Semantic Hybrid Search Work?

Semantic Hybrid Search combines the best of both worlds: keyword and vector search. This hybrid approach allows Particlesy to deliver the most accurate results in chat-with-your-documents applications, standing out in the market for its precision and efficiency.

  1. Vector Search for Semantic Similarity: At its core, vector search finds relevant passages using semantic similarity, matching queries to documents with similar meanings regardless of phrasing differences or language barriers.
  2. Keyword Search for Specificity: Complementing vector search, keyword search ensures that specific, crucial words in queries are prioritized, providing a more targeted search result.
  3. Hybrid Approach for Comprehensive Accuracy: By combining these two methods, Particlesy’s Semantic Hybrid Search brings the best of both retrieval techniques, consistently delivering high-quality results across various query types.

Particlesy uses Hybrid + Semantic ranker method for ALL queries.

Why Choose Particlesy’s Semantic Hybrid Search?

Particlesy’s approach, rooted in hybrid retrieval and semantic ranking, is particularly effective in Generative AI applications where content needs to be grounded in relevant information. This methodology not only improves the quality of responses but also reduces latency and operational costs.

Enhanced Performance With Chunking Strategy

A key component of Particlesy’s search technology is its sophisticated document chunking strategy. By breaking down long documents into manageable passages, the platform ensures that the most relevant sections are easily retrievable and ranked effectively. This strategy is crucial for handling lengthy documents or finding answers located deeper within the content.

Superior Ranking With Semantic Analysis

The integration of semantic ranking in Particlesy’s platform puts the best results at the top. This feature is vital for Generative AI scenarios, which often depend on the top few results to form a grounding context for accurate responses.

Particlesy: Empowering Your Business

Particlesy is not just a tool; it’s a business partner that empowers your team with:

  • Intuitive Customization: Tailor the platform to meet your specific business needs.
  • Automatic Text Extraction (OCR): Effortlessly convert your documents and images into editable and searchable text.
  • Collaboration Features: Share and collaborate efficiently within your team using custom AI bots.
  • Publishable Bots: Extend your AI capabilities to your clients or users through easily embeddable bots.
  • Unmatched Compliance Assurance: Rely on a platform that is security certified and offers advanced reporting for complete compliance.


With Particlesy’s Semantic Hybrid Search, businesses can now engage with their documents and images more efficiently and accurately than ever before. This innovative approach, backed by the power of Azure Cognitive Search, positions Particlesy as a leader in the SaaS market, revolutionizing how we interact with digital content.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients and elevate your team’s capabilities with Particlesy. Try it today and experience the future of document and image management.

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